Grease Exhaust Hood Cleaning

At Sta-Kleen, we make sure that every part of the exhaust hood is cleaned. Pulling from over 40 years of experience, our fully trained staff, start from the top of the exhaust band and work their way down through the entire system. Working from the roof, Sta-Kleen has generated a full-body cleaning system, focusing on thoroughly cleaning the exhaust band and grease ducts before making their way back to the kitchen. The duct works are then cleaned from the bottom up, making sure nothing has escaped. The exhaust hood itself is the final step, leaving your exhaust system completely free of any hidden grease residue.

As a company that prides itself on being environmentally-friendly, Sta-Kleen uses a combination of chemicals and hot steam as opposed to the traditional power washing method. This keeps the grease and dirt from the exhaust hood contained in one area, which is then funneled straight into containers and leaving the rest of the kitchen undisturbed. During the drying stage, we give the exhaust hood one final clean by hand, thereby ensuring the most efficient and thorough cleaning in the industry.

See the Difference for Yourself

Sta-Kleen goes above and beyond just giving you our word. Along with a consultation where we come in person to show you exactly what services you’ll receive, we’ll also provide you with before and after pictures of the different areas of your exhaust hood. You’ll be able to personally see how serious we are about making sure your kitchen is safe. This gives you the advantage of seeing every part of the process, and making sure it exceeds your expectations.

Personal Attention

We understand that running a business is a stressful and time-consuming affair, which is why Sta-Kleen manages our hours around your schedule. We do not have strict hours of operation, but are available for exhaust hood cleaning either day or night. We also offer 24 hour customer service, ensuring that your questions will be answered when you need them. At Sta-Kleen, we look at a job as more than the equipment, focusing also on the importance of being available and amenable to your schedule.

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