Filter Replacement Services In Illinois

In order to keep your exhaust hood running as efficiently as possible, it’s important to make sure that your filters are exchanged for a clean set every so often. It’s the final touch on having your exhaust hood cleaned, making sure to keep the constant air flow from becoming polluted with grease buildup.

  • We offer a full filter exchange program.
  • Sta-Kleen provides all filters needed, of any size.
  • We offer l" or 2" Baffle or Mesh Filters
  • All of our servicemen are in uniform.
  • We have our own cleaning plant on premise.
  • Our servicemen are pre-scheduled to exchange your filters weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or up to an eight week exchange service.
  • The dirty filters are removed and clean filters are then replaced within minutes offering no inconvenience to your cooking schedule.
  • We cover the entire Chicagoland Area.
  • With the help of our Office staff and our Servicemen you will never have to worry about having clean filters in your Exhaust Hood. It will be done on an automatic basis without any worry on the customer's part.

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