Cleaning of the Grease Exhaust Hoods in the Kitchen

When a Customer calls for an estimate on cleaning of the grease exhaust hoods we will go through the cleaning process letting you know what will be done and what areas we can clean and what areas are not accessible. The cleaning can be done day or night.

  • Scheduling: The customer will be reminded one week prior and also the day before each service.
  • Pictures of the Kitchen Grease Exhaust Hoods, Ductwork and Exhaust Fans will be taken.
  • All cooking equipment will be covered.

The exhaust fans on the roof will be cleaned first, sprayed with a degreaser and the use of a high heat powered washer to remove grease.

The ductwork that runs from the hood to the fan unit will be sprayed with a degreaser and power washed.

We will hang plastic along the length of the hood. The hoods will be sprayed down with a degreaser to help loosen the grease that is baked on.

Final step in the cleaning process will be hand washing the hood, removing any final debris or grease that was not removed by the power washing.

After the cleaning our service men will take final pictures of the entire cleaned Exhaust System which will be stored in the customer file.

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