Experts for Your Kitchen Cleaning Needs In Illinois

For over 40 years, Sta-Kleen has been giving top-notch cleaning services to kitchens in many different commercial facilities. Our innovative and trained technicians will make sure everything in your kitchen is safe and clean, whether it's your exhaust hood, filters, or any other kitchen items. We pride ourselves on taking a detailed and personalized approach with our cleaning services to make sure that you’re getting the services that you deserve.

Client Satisfaction

First and foremost, we at Sta-Kleen want to make sure you know what you can expect from us. To assure you of our cleaning methods, we come out in person to show you just exactly what is going to be cleaned. We also provide before and after pictures so you can really understand that we are committed to making sure every part of your exhaust hood or other kitchen equipment has been given the attention it needs.

At Sta-Kleen, we work for you. We have a customer service representative available 24/7, so your questions will be answered in a timely manner. Our exhaust hood cleaning services are available day or night in order to fit around your schedule. We also have Spanish-speaking personnel to assist if needed.

Services for All Commercial Businesses

Sta-Kleen has a special emphasis on exhaust hood cleaning, but is also well-trained in many other aspects of kitchen cleaning. In addition to exhaust hood, Sta-Kleen provides filter exchange services, replacing your old ones as well as giving you an extra set. We also clean kitchen equipment—ranging from tables to the prep line to the stoves and refrigerators—making sure to break everything down so that each piece of the equipment gets the thorough and detailed cleaning synonymous with Sta-Kleen.

We provide these services to many different types of businesses. Whether you manage a restaurant, country club, day care facility, nursing home, school, hospital, or any other business with an industrial sized kitchen, you can count on Sta-Kleen to make sure every piece is clean and sanitized.

A Different Way of Cleaning

When power washing, oftentimes the pressure exerted can cause grease to spread to other parts of the kitchen. Sta-Kleen professionals use a mixture of hot steam and chemicals when cleaning in order to keep the dirt and residue contained. Our team is proud to keep our services environmentally friendly, funneling the dirt straight into containers. We also make sure to go over everything by hand, thereby ensuring both an isolated clean that doesn’t allow any debris to remain behind.

Se habla espanol.

Find Out More

To find out more about how Sta-Kleen can help you with your kitchen cleaning needs, contact us at (847) 352-9191 to talk to a representative about our services.